Expense Management

FCM Expense is an end-to-end finance solution for a streamlined travel booking process; encapsulating booking, payment and reconciliation while offering attractive credit terms.

What is FCM Expense?

FCM Expense will deliver your business improvements in productivity and efficiency as it links with FCM Online, as well as your finance system to facilitate quick and easy transfer of data.

It will reduce time spent on reconciliation as travel bookings and expense reporting are combined into one simple process.

Organisations using FCM Expense achieve real savings almost immediately through the elimination of credit card merchant fees and in time spent managing expenses. This is achieved simply, with all the data captured during booking and throughout the business trip flowing directly into the expense reporting process, allowing you to receive more visibility into employee spend than ever before.

Increase your cash flow and leave behind the days of reconciling a credit card statement against travel and hotel invoices with the FCM Expense account solution which offers credit terms comparable to credit card .

Features and benefits

  • Up to 30 days credit with a further 30 days to pay means Increased cash flow to your business with attractive credit terms comparable to most credit/charge card facilities 
  • No credit card or merchant fees delivers cost savings based on elimination of credit card transaction fees charged by merchants (air, hotel, car, TMC fees) at point of sale 
  • Enjoy a rebate on travel expenses made through the FCM account facility linked to FCM Expense
  • Traveller convenience:
    - Easier process for travellers with no ‘out of pocket’ expenses while on the road
    - No requirement to collect hotel invoices
    - No requirement for traveller to claim expense
    - Convenient for one-off or guest travellers
  • Auto charge solution allows quicker and easier reconciliation as costs will flow through on same billing period, no delay waiting for hotel to send through charges
  • Customise chargebacks by employee type, division or EBA agreements based on entitlements
  • Incidental management provides the ability to capture total spend with Room and Total Incidental charges listed 
  • Customisable to your organisational structure allows you to manage travel costs more efficiently by directing charges back to a particular cost centre or division, reduces time reconciling expenses 
  • Enhanced data gives the ability to capture 10-15 fields of enhanced data, to assist with reconciliation
  • One invoice and one payment for multiple suppliers (air, hotel, car, TMC) 
  • E-Receipt functionality for Concur Expense customers
  • Expense Management System compatibility provides customisable invoices providing ease to upload into Expense Management Systems – no re-entering of data
  • Process and efficiency gains reduces reconciliation time and associated costs linked to FTE 
  • A secure payment platform with no risk of fraud or credit card storage