Approval Solutions

Streamline your travel approvals with FCM Approve.

FCM Approve is a suite of pre- and post-trip approval solutions designed to assist organisations with managing their travel policy requirements.

Depending on the level of complexity of your travel policy and the technology solutions implemented within your travel program, we offer a combination of proprietary solutions as well as partner with leading online booking tool (OBT) providers to cater for travel programs of all sizes and forms.

Features of FCM Approve

Approve Start

This is the starter level for FCM Approve provided to all FCM clients and is included as an additional functionality of the FCM Portal. It encompasses permission to request travel and enables the traveller or travel booker to request authorisation to travel from an approver before a booking is made – this may replace an existing paper- or email-based process. Upon approval an authorisation code is generated which is then used when the booking is made and captured for future reporting.

Approve Start includes the ability to capture key reporting data (custom fields, reference fields, reason for travel, project code) alongside traveller names, destinations and booking inclusions.

For those approvers on the go, Approve Start allows for travel requests to be approved via FCM Mobile.

Approve Online

FCM partners with both Serko and Concur Travel which each offer a variety of pre-trip approval and pre-trip authorisation functionalities.

Additional features available through online booking tools vary by tool but generally include offline booking approval workflows, multi-tier approval and approval for exchanges among others – it is ideal for organisations whose approval decisions are based on time of booking costs and have a need for a customisable solution.

FCM’s account management and technology specialists work closely with your organisation and the online booking tool provider to develop an approval and authorisation process that is customised to your travel program and business requirements.

Approve Plus* coming soon 

Currently in testing, the third tier of FCM Approve is the most comprehensive solution and is ideal for clients with specific pre-trip approval and authorisation requirements that cannot be met by Approve Start or Approve Online. Approve Plus is a streamlined travel workflow and documentation suite which provides organisations with an online pre- and post-trip approval process.

This online travel authorisation tool has a significant level of flexibility and will be tailored to suit your organisation’s travel policy requirements – it automates the authorisation process and integrates with FCM Online and can work in conjunction with your online booking tool strategy.

Key Features include: ƒƒ

  • Fully compatible with all major Global Distribution Systems and our key online booking tools.
  • ƒƒReview and approve travel requests, 24/7/365 via a secure web-site or via email.
  • ƒƒView trips with relevant details in order to approve or decline a trip, or request itinerary changes for compliance. ƒƒ
  • Centralised control for all trips pending approval prior to ticketing.
  • ƒƒSupports single-tier and multi-level approval process.

Approve Plus is a paid solution utilising third party technology integrated with FCM’s service delivery to provide a solution to even the most complex approval and authorisation requirements.