Sam :]

Sam is your 24/7 pocket travel assistant

Sam is designed to know a lot about you - what you like, where you're going and what you need. Are you ready for the new age?

Meet Sam powered by FCM Travel Solutions

Sam is your dedicated travel assistant with artificial intelligence.

What does Sam do?

By organizing and sending you up to date, practical information based on context, relevance and individual preference, Sam will improve your overall travel experience. Leaving you to focus on what matters.
From pre-trip information, such as letting you know your destination weather, to organizing your airport transfers and letting you know where to collect your bags on arrival, you’ll find Sam really helpful. Sam will send you travel alerts based on up-to-date information to ensure you don’t miss your connection. But if you do, Sam will help schedule you onto the next best option, all within your company travel policy.
Sam is always on, so you don’t have to be.
Sam :] your pocket travel assistance

How does Sam do it?

The power of technology is changing the very nature of corporate travel, making it feel more like leisure travel with a smarter business focus. Sam is designed to incorporate the most important features that a business traveller needs, and the experiences that a leisure traveller enjoys. What was the result? A powerful combination of data and functionality, with a little bit of ‘Sam’ personality added on top.

As Sam gets to know you better, your communication will become more helpful by sending you restaurant recommendations, cool things to do or information on the places you’re traveling to.

Traveller benefits

  • Book flights, hotels, and car hire (speak to your FCM Account Manager to activate)
  • Automatic trip load
  • Weather forecasts
  • Books transport connections with ride sharing services
  • Calculate travel time and cost
  • Reminders and assists with check-in
  • Alerts departure gate and baggage carousel
  • Offers destination guides
  • Rearranges travel within policy
  • Uploads expenses via camera
  • Real time alerts via app
  • Incident alerts if needed

Download the app

Download Sam on the App StoreDownload FCM Sam on Google Play


  • Apple iOS: Requires iOS 8.4 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Google Android: Requires Android version 4.1 and up.

For user instructions, please contact your FCM Account Manager. To log in to Sam you must be a customer of FCM Travel Solutions.

^ To enable booking capabilities within Sam, please contact your Account Manager.